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Leg Muscles Also Important – Workouts & Exercises

It is not your mountain peaked biceps, not the bowling-ball shoulder of yours either and certainly not just your wide V-shaped back but a completely symmetric physique that justifies your complete fitness. Most of the beginners now-a-days do not put as much emphasis on their lower body as they do on the upper half and ultimately end up with a disgraceful imbalance in the symmetry of their physique. The growth or undergrowth of your leg muscles is the thing that makes or breaks your physique respectively. Just imagine how miserable you would feel for a person with well developed upper body but carrying tooth-pick like legs. So, in this article we have a list of top 5 workouts, you must seriously consider as a part of your body building schedule.

5 Leg Workouts

Here is a List of Top 5 Leg Workouts

1- Running

There was nothing better, there is nothing better and maybe there will never be a better Leg Workout than Running. The athletes’ favorite work out doesn’t just strengthen your leg muscles but also fine tones the shape of your legs by burning the unnecessary fat from your thighs and lower legs. Apart from all this, running also works as one of the best cardiovascular workouts to enhance your body endurance as well.

2- Squats

Squats blast fat from every corner of your legs, but as effective it is equally important it is to perform the squats correctly. In fact, incorrect way of performing squats increases your chances of injury more than ineffective it obviously is. Make sure your butts are reaching down to a level, absolutely parallel to the surface, while keeping your spine neutral. If done correctly, Squat is a Leg Workout that is sure to produce results even better than your expectations.

3- Lunges

Dynamic by nature, Lunges is not about getting those bulky and heavy muscles but to build legs with a finish that they can run, jump and lift with. Lunges work on your gluteus, thighs, hamstrings and quadriceps to tone and tighten your legs. From revere to side to diagonal, there are so many variations of lunges that you can try. However you can perform lunges using bodyweight alone but, weight trainers sometimes also seek to increase the difficulty of workout using weights like dumbbells or kettle bells, held in each hand, or a barbell held atop the neck and shoulders.

4- Leg Press

The Leg Presses (when done properly) make the line of force to create balanced workloads between the Quadriceps and Gluteus. Leg press is predominantly a Quadriceps exercise. Many a people will tell you that Leg Press is not a functional exercise but the fact is that there is no better weight training for legs, than Leg Press. So, if you are looking to have bulky muscular legs instead of lean ones, this Leg Workout is the real deal for you.
Caution1: Make sure there you are wearing a tight supporter, before you start performing Leg Presses.
Caution2: Make sure that you properly lock the platform, every time you re rack the weight.

5- Calf Raising

To begin with, just make sure you stretch your calves enough, before beginning with Calf Raising. There are several ways to do standing as well as seated calves. Standing Calf Raising requires you to let your knees go down as much as you can and get up on your toes, as high as you can. Calf Raising requires you to keep a straight back and slightly bent muscles. Keeping your knees little bent, pus emphasis on the calf muscles. If you bend your toes out, it works on your inner calves, whereas if you bend your toes in, it works on your outer calves.
Caution1: Never use heavy weights to begin with.
Caution2: Never lock your legs with your knees straight.

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