Whey Protein for Women

Is Whey Protein Good for Women?

There are a bunch of rumors that revolve around women supplementation. The very moment we think of protein, a picture of extremely muscular male pops in our head. Many women fear to look bulky or gain weight by consuming protein. Putting an end to all the myths, let us read about the benefits women could reap out of Whey protein.

Why Should Women Consume Protein?

Whey protein is nothing but an alternative to fulfilling our daily protein requirements that cannot be obtained from the food we eat. It is important to consume protein, because of the nine essential amino acids that it contains. The term “Essential” means that the human body cannot produce these acids on its own.

There is a vast difference between male and female hormones. Women need more protein than men do, and the lack of protein can possess a set of risks like heart disorders and production of cancerous cells.

Many women fear to look extremely muscular like men after consuming protein, which is not possible because women have one forth the content of testosterone as compared to an average man.

Protein consumed by women helps them reduce fat, reduces cholesterol, promotes muscle mass and strength building. Also, the problem of slow metabolism can be countered by drinking Whey.

Whey Protein for Women for Weight Loss!

We all have been to a point where, after days of vigorous exercise, sticking to the diet, eating healthy pre-cooked meals, our taste buds start to give in. Craving for donuts and chocolates begin daunting us. Well, these cravings for sweet snacks are seen to be more potent in women rather than in men, suggests a study published in "International Journal of Eating Disorders."

Whey protein works wonders for weight loss, as it is proved to be one of the most satiating foods anyone could have. It is known to suppress cravings for food. The best time of consuming Whey is as one meal replacement in a day (combined with some solid sources of other nutrients) , a snack replacement, or before going out for dinner to prevent overindulging.

If you are an active women

Your protein requirements solely depend upon your activity levels and your fitness goal. The recommended amount of protein for active women is 1.6 grams to 2 grams per kilogram of your body weight.

Being rich in BCAAs, Whey provides fast muscle recovery and stabilizes muscle mass. Protein is not the only thing that will magically make you fit. Nutrition, combined with proper training and consistency are the three mantras for a healthy life.

Many companies false advertise their product as “Special Protein for Women”. It is an absolute myth that the protein powder consumed by men and women should be different. It is the mere difference between labeling and presentation. Protein is the same for each one of us and is an entirely safe and natural by-product of milk.

Whey protein can rightly be called as the modern day tool for a healthy body!

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