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How to Stay Fit Without Going Gym

Staying fit is a major concern of everyone these days.With a busy schedule this has become difficult and people generally end up being sick and broken at a very young age. People with tight schedule finds difficult to go to gym and are on constant thought as to how they can stay fit without going to gym.Gorging on junk food, lack of exercise and irregular time table leads to an unhealthy lifestyle which later affects our body adversely. In a world of neck to neck competition it is important to remain fit in order to achieve our goal. Gym is not always a possible option. In such cases there are other things that you can do to keep you fit. Some of these ways are listed below.

Tip To Stay Fit Without Gym & Exercises

  1. Walking: Walking is one of the best ways to remain fit. According to doctors it is important to walk at least 10,000 steps each day. If your work place is not very far you can always walk to it. Or else travel a little distance by foot to reach your office. If you have the time then morning walks will help you the most. It is also advised to walk faster and not take a leisurely stroll.
  2. Deep Breath: Sit back and breathe deep. Inhale for 1 to 2 seconds and exhale for 2 seconds. Do this for 2 minutes every day whenever you get the time, at work, in the car, on the couch, while you are making dinner or before bed. This will help you relax.
  3. Move: Don’t sit in the same posture for a long time. This will affect your backbone, shoulder and neck. Stand up for a while every 30 minutes. If possible walk a little and stretch your muscles.
  4. Outdoor Hobbies: Outdoor activities will help you relax and feel healthy. Going out and breathing some fresh air and playing a little game too is an exercise which will help you burn calories and stay fit. If none of these are your cup of tea then you can choose running of jogging.
  5. Healthy Diet: In order to stay healthy you need to focus on a healthy diet. Make yourself a diet chart and follow it strictly. Add healthy and nutritious food to it in order to be fit and healthy.
  6. Foods to be avoided: Avoid processed food and sugar. These have a lot of calories and you need a lot of exercise in order to burn them. It is better to avoid them as much as you can.
  7. Fruits: Add fruits to your diet. Fruits have roughage in them that helps you digest quickly and easily. They even suppress you craving for sweets. In addition to this fruits even have high nutritive value.
  8. Small Meals: Instead of having 2-3 large meals have 5-6 small meals. You won’t feel hungry all day. Have healthy snacks, fruits, juice, milk and eggs every time you feel hungry and decrease the portion of your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  9. Yoga: If you have time then yoga is the best way for you to stay fit. Yoga and meditation not only help you stay healthy and in shape but also boost up your concentration level.

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