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Food You Should Eat To Loose Weight

We all know the effort of getting rid of the fat that we have accumulated all over the time, it takes a lot of will power and self restraint to avoid eating the tasty food which surely is going to spell a doom over your weight loss regime. But we have something in store for you as these super foods will not only keep your away from starving but also help you to shed weight. But the foundation of losing weight is built on exercise and a proper diet regime, so these foods will only help you lose weight if taken with a proper diet and a healthy workout.

Top 5 food To Help you Shed Your Fat

Mushrooms: Their rich, meaty taste and texture makes them an ideal meat substitute minus all the calories you intake on meat. Mushrooms usually fill the stomach and won’t let you get hungry soon. The recent research reports tells us that people are equally satisfied by having mushrooms fillings instead of meat it food items.

Eggs: One of the best sources of proteins eggs contains minimum fat content and fills the stomach for a long period of time. Due to its high content of protein eggs help you resist the snacks throughput the day and the affect of high protein breakfast lasts throughout the day.

Apples: One of nature’s greatest gifts to the mankind has been the Apple; it was an apple that lead to the creation of world and an apple which helped us to understand the world better. And an Apple will help you to keep your weight in check with 95 calories and 4 gm starch content Apple is the best source of starch and researches have proved that starch intake helps you to lose weight.

Soups and Vegetable puree: According to research’ it have been found that people who start their meal with a bowl of soup tend to eat less and stack up less fat in their system. A normal soup or a vegetable puree can do wonders for your health. It is packed with all the necessary minerals needed to keep you fit and healthy. Anyways a vegetable puree or soup is never a bad option.

Almonds and Pistachios: These nuts are perfect components for a healthy diet. If you want to keep your stomach full without having to eat lots of food then Almond is the thing that you need. Chewing almonds releases certain fats which triggers hormones that curb hunger according to a research. A diet of energy packed nuts can keep you going on for long period of times without having to resort to a calorie rich diet.

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