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Exercises For Sciatica

Sciatica is one of the major problem these days. It is nothing but a set a symptom including pain caused by general compression irritation of one of five spinal nerve roots of each sciatic nerve—or by compression or irritation of the left or right or both sciatic nerves. This pain occurred in the lower back and legs can be reduced by the help of some exercises. The exercise strengthen your back muscles and also prevent recurrence of the pain. Instead of taking bed rest you can opt for practicing these exercises regularly and get a quick and fruitful result.

Exercises for Sciatica

Press Ups

This exercise targeting the leg, back and buttock, is very beneficial and is quiet easy to perform. Just lie on your stomach lie on your stomach with your arms bent and palms on the floor. The buttocks and legs should be relaxed, while the abdominal muscles can be contracted. Now resting your legs on the floor, press your upper body up using your arms and abdominal muscles. Hold on the same position for at least 5 seconds, come to the starting position, relax and then repeat the exercises for 10 reps, twice per day.

Curl-Up Exercises

This exercise, highly suitable for relieving back pain, strengthen your abdominal muscles. To perform this exercise just lie on your back with the knees bent, arms can be folded on the chest or held at the back of the head. Now lifting the head and shoulders from the ground, curl up and stay in the same position for at least 3 seconds. Now come to the starting position, relax and repeat the exercise for at least 10 reps.

Extension Exercises

This exercise can be very beneficial for getting relief from back and leg pain. Just lie on your stomach with the arms and stretched out. Now slowly raise your one arm and the opposite leg and stay in the same position for at least 3 seconds. Come back to the original position, relax and repeat the exercise for 10 reps, twice a day.

Leg Raise

Leg raise is beneficial for strengthening the lower abdominal muscles, that support the back and diminish the pain. To perform the exercise is very simple, just lie on your back, with your hands behind the head and tightening your abdominal muscles, raise one leg, few inches above the ground and in the same position for at least 2 to 5 seconds. Now slowly bring down your leg and relax for a while and try out with the other leg and alternatively repeat the exercise for minimum of 10 reps. For a more intensive workout, circle the raised leg in the air 5 times in one direction and then 5 times in the opposite direction.

Leg Raise in Water

This exercises targets the stomach muscles and offers a good stretch to the legs. Just sit by the side of the pool, extend arms along the edge of the pool. Tightening your abdominal muscles, lift both your legs vertically up. Hold on in the same position for some seconds and then slowly bring down your legs. Relax and repeat the exercise for at least 10 reps for an effective result.

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