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Creatine & Its Benefits and Side Effects

Creatine is a kind of additional supplement that athletes as well as power trainers take to increase their workout intensity, resulting in muscle growth. Different people have different views about the consumption of creatine supplements.

Benefits of Creatine Supplement Consumption –

Muscle Growth- Intake of creatine increases the intensity to workout, as a result that will increase the muscle mass. It will help to workout harder and build some toned muscle mass.

Improved Athletic Performance-Athletic like footballers can be highly benefited by Creatine consumption. Study suggest that oral creatine supplementation can make an athlete faster and stronger when performing high intensity activity.

Increased Metabolic Rates –While aiming for fat loss, one generally lowers carbohydrate consumption, which is one of the main ingredient for a sound body. This will definitely lower your energy level, resulting in fatigue and no workout or low intensity workouts. Creatine consumption can increase your metabolic rates, cover this imbalance and help you to workout harder and gain more toned muscles.

Enhance Methylation-This is very true that consumption of creatine provides a powerful anabolic boost, which results in an enhanced methylation. Methylation is a process that is essential for the supporting of life itself. A molecule known as SAM (S-Adenosyl Methionine) is the body’s principal methyl donor, and a breakdown in its production can adversely affect whole-body anabolism.

Enhances Recovery-Creatine, which is well known for its muscle growing capacity, also have the ability to recover damaged cells. Study suggests that creatine reduces muscle cell damage and inflammation, caused due to intense exercise.

Side Effects of Creatine Supplements

Risk of Kidney and Liver Damage-Excess usage of creatine may deposite large amount of unwanted substances, which cannot be completely excreted through urine, may lead to the risk of Kidney and liver damage. Consult with a doctor.

Dehydration-Consuming creatine supplement and not taking plenty of water may lead to dehydration.

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