Best Protein Supplements for Gym Beginners

6 Best Protein Supplements for Gym Beginners

Just joined the gym? Feeling enthusiastic? Well, if you are looking forward to getting fit and build the body, remember it is a long-term plan. You cannot afford to get overwhelmed or impatient. There are no miracles; it is all about working hard, working regularly, ensuring that your training program is well-designed and focusses towards your goals.

Keep in mind that protein supplements are NOT meal replacements. You need to tweak your diet and strike a nutrient balance. Any supplement will merely help you in doing this.

So, do not get tempted in exploring types of proteins at the beginning itself. However attractive and promising they appear, most of them aren’t necessary for a beginner.

When it comes to protein supplements for the beginners, it’s best that you stick to scientifically proven ones only. Be wise and select the products considering your level of training and explore safe options only.

If you are a total newbie, go for Multivitamins and Fish Oil for first six months at least. If you are a Progressive Beginner, then opt for Multivitamins, Fish Oil and Whey Protein. Once the body muscles are matured, then only start with Creatine, Whey, and other protein supplements.

Keeping in mind our newbie gym enthusiasts, we have listed five most suitable protein supplements.

Fish Oils Supplements

Fish oil is a remarkable supplement! Derived from the tissues of oily fish, it is a form of fatty acid that contains EPA, DHA, and Omega-3. The benefits of fish oil are: supports cholesterol levels, boosts the mood, takes care of the bones, and aids fat loss. Choose a quality food supplement in which less than 50% of the total fish oil is from EPA and DHA, as the lower ones can be high in mercury and that can be hazardous to health. Healthy cholesterol is maintained when the ratios of HDL to LDL and triacylglycerol are in a healthy range. By ingesting fish oil, the serotonin levels in the body are maintained. Serotonin is a feel-good hormone and also keeps stress in check.

Advantages of Fish Oil

  1. Triggers muscle recovery as it acts as an anti-inflammatory
  2. Rich source of nutrients Omega 3 & 6

Disadvantages of Fish Oil

  1. Unpleasant taste
  2. Fish smelling burps
  3. Might cause heartburn and mild nausea

Greens Supplements

Does your diet lack adequate intake of fruits and vegetables? If yes, then you can include green supplements. These supplements minimize the adverse effects of an irregular diet. You need to keep a tab on your diet too. Because you can get all the vitamins and minerals, you need from solid food only. Remember that greens supplements can add to your dietary health but, if misused, they can hamper the insulin sensitivity and affect future muscle growth. Green doesn’t always mean good, thus before buying separate fact from fiction.

Protein Supplements

These have a been a rage for all the gym enthusiasts. They have received immense attention over a period. When it comes to supplements, none have received more attention than protein powder.

There are mixed reviews about protein supplements on the market, but a few key findings state the following:

  1. Protein supplements might improve muscular size and strength.
  2. Drinking a rapidly digesting protein source pre/post or during workout session will help stimulate protein synthesis and speed up the recovery.
  3. High protein and quality diet will probably help you shed some fat.

Since you are a beginner, choose Whey protein supplements as they are rapidly digested. The body absorbs Casein protein gradually and has a time-release effect.

Research has concluded that consuming protein supplement pre-workout is beneficial.

Advantages of Whey Protein

  1. Easily absorbed
  2. Convenient for consumption

Disadvantages of Whey Protein

  1. Expensive for long-term use
  2. Extra calories might hamper weight loss process

Pre and Post Workout Carbs – Carbohydrates are the preferred fuel source for the body. They play a vital role in every athlete’s sports routine. Carbs get stored in the body in the form of glycogen. Low and depleted levels of glycogen lead to fatigue and flatulence. So, even if you are a beginner, and are working out intensely for more than six months, you need to take carbs. In case you are missing out on carbs, the glycogen levels in your body will go down with no backup source for rejuvenation. This might result in workout injury.

You can opt for quality carbohydrate rich supplements or sports drinks (pre or post workout) and ensure that the body’s fuel tank is full. For the ones who are taking high-intensity training then 3.2 gms to 4.55 grams of carbs per pound of the body weight is enough.

Creatine Supplements

Creatine is one of the protein supplement that has undergone more scientific study than any other. The most tested and researched supplement is Creatine Monohydrate – an organic acid found naturally in fish and beef.

You might be wondering, how will creatine help? Well, this supplement helps you to look bigger, stronger and perform better. It acts as an energy source for an anaerobic workout like weight lifting, sprinting and exercises that need rapid short bursts of movement. In various researches conducted, it has shown to increase muscle protein synthesis with rapid energy replenishment properties and drawing more water into the muscles.

Ingest Creatine Monohydrate 15-20g / day for at least five days followed by 5g / day as a maintenance phase.

Advantages of taking Creatine

  1. Stimulates strength during workout
  2. Assists the body replenish levels
  3. Delivers nutrients to spur recovery

Disadvantages of taking Creatine

  1. Could cause energy loss after workout
  2. Weight gain due to water retention

Multi-Vitamin Supplements

Do you consume seven essential vitamins, along with B vitamins, vitamin C, E, A, and D3 – daily? Consuming these vitamins is all the more critical if you are doing physical exercises. Lack of essential vitamins could hamper muscle growth and strength gains. Ideally, you should take a multivitamin daily with your balanced meals.

If you are a beginner, the lack of regulation on workout supplements may make things a little tricky. Hence, it is essential that you purchase your supplement from certified and verified brands only. Before purchasing, seek advice from your trainer or nutritionist. They will suggest you the right blend according to your workout routine, goal and body type.

Lastly, any pre or post workout supplement you choose will be useless and ineffective without a cohesive fitness foundation laid with exercise and balanced diet.

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