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Best Home Gyms to Buy in Year 2015

We have all tried to start our healthy life by taking membership in gyms and start working out, travelling from home to gym and coming back after a good old workout. But sometime you just don't feel like going to gym and wish you had a personal gym of your own and for this the perfect machine available in the market is the home gym. The home gym is a powerfully packed machine that helps you to work on every muscle of your body with various weight levels. So from now you don't have to worry about missing a day at the gym.

Here is a list if the best home gyms that you can use

Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE

This home workout machine uses power rod technology to give you a perfect workout session. It provides more than 70 exercise options for all areas of your body and offers optional attachments to provide versatility. It can handle up to 300 pounds of body weight and has a lifetime warranty on power rods.


  • Its versatility in the different setups for 70 different exercises.
  • It has the power rod technology which lets you lift huge weights.
  • It comes with a life time warranty on the machines power rods and 7 year warranty on the frame.


  • It does not comes with a training DVD for all the workouts.

Yukon Wolverine Multi-Station

The Yukon Wolverine multi station is a complete gym in itself with four different stations it provides 27 exercises in one unit. The best part of this home gym is that it can support workout for more than one person at the same time. It uses traditional weight system and provides lifetime warranty on its frame and moving parts.


  • Being a multi station it can accommodate more than one person at a time.
  • It has a 200 pound weight stack which is enough for all the exercises.
  • It features a life time warranty on its frame and moving parts.


  • It is huge in size and takes up a lot of space.

Bodycraft Galena Pro

This powerful machine lets you perform 25 exercises and includes numerous accessories alongwith an optional leg press. Built with heavy-gauge steel tubing it includes a lifetime warranty. The machine is multi-user and have two adjustable seats


  • It is a multi-user machine and can accommodate two users at a time.
  • The machine has a very strong and sturdy frame made up of heavy-gauge steel tubing.
  • Its workout items and accessories are top class and the workout DVD is also excellent.


  • You cannot upgrade its weight stack which is the only minus point of this machine.

Total gym fit

The total gym fit is a little bit different from the other home gyms as rather than taking the help of weight stacks this machine uses your own body weight for a complete workout affecting all parts of your body. The machine features more than 85 exercises and is very space saving as it can be folded and kept anywhere.


  • Its space saving design help a lot and it can also be folded.
  • It includes an instructional workout DVD along with a diet chart which will help you to take stock of your body in a better way.


  • The machine comes with just two years warranty on its moving parts which could have been more.

Body solid G1s

This home gym system comes only with one seat option but 5 different stations, and with it you can perform up to 40 exercises. With a weight stack of 160 pounds it is a reasonable machine for a complete workout. Many accessories are included with this home gym like a lat bar, ankle strap, towel holder, water bottle holder and weights.


  • It has 5 different stations for a complete workout.
  • The lifetime warranty covers the frame as well as all parts on the home gym.
  • You can perform 40 machines on this machine that is more than the average of 25.


  • It is very long and needs a ceiling of at least 7 feet to accommodate.
  • The machine has no leg press available.

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