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Back Pain – Its Time to Leave Them Back

The problem of back pain is one of the most common problems amongst middle-aged and old men and women. As the body grows older its flexibility starts to deplete away and bones start weakening up, which ultimately leads to different sorts of back problems. However, all that is required to get rid of such back pain problems is just a daily workout of 15-20 minutes. The workout incorporates some of the most effective exercise for back pain removal. So, now it’s time to leave your back pain back with the following exercises. All they require is just a 15-20 minutes of devotion from your end and these simple moves are sure to blow your back problems away.

Back Pain

Most Popular Exercises for Back Pain Problems

1- Crouching

Start with lying down on your back, on the floor with bent knees and both your feet flat on the ground (initial position). Using both your hands, pull your left leg (from the bent knee point) up towards your chest and hold it as close as possible to your chest for 15-20 seconds. Slowly return to the initial position. Now, repeat the same on your right leg followed both your legs at the same time. Repeat the whole stretch 2-3 times and try to this exercise at least once in the morning and once in evening.

2- Twist of Waist

Start with an initial position exactly similar to the one used in “Crouching”. While making sure that your shoulder blades are firmly planted on the floor, twist your legs (using waist) to the left side and try to touch the floor with the bent left knee and right knee placed exactly above it. Hold this position for 10-12 minutes and then return to your initial position. Repeat the same thing on the right side too. Try to do this stretch 2-3 times every morning and evening.

3- The Waist Up

Again, the initial position in this exercise is also exactly same to those employed in “Crouching” and “Twist of Waist”. Once you are all set to start in the starting position, try to pull up your belly while keeping the hips and rest of back on the floor (Making your pubic bone pointed towards your feet), hold this position for five seconds, then regain your initial position and relax. Being a beginner, start with 5-10 of such repetition each day and try to increase the count as you get more comfortable with this.

4- Sea-Saw Bridge

Again you need to start with lying down on your back, on the floor with bent knees and both your feet flat on the ground (initial position). While keeping your shoulder blades firmly planted on the floor, raise your hips in a manner that your body from knees to shoulders is in a straight line (Sea-saw Bridge) and try to hold for 5-10 seconds. Make sure you keep your core as tight as possible during the whole session. Return to the starting position and try this 2-3 times every morning and evening.

5- The Waving Bridge

Plant both your palms on the ground, exactly below your shoulder and with bent knees try to achieve a bridge-like shape for your back. While keeping your core as tight as possible, try throwing your abdominal muscles towards the floor followed by slowly arching them back upwards (towards the ceiling), much like producing the vertical waves using your abdomen. Return to the initial position. Repeat it 3-5 times every morning and evening.

6- Sitting Twists

While sitting on an armless, revolving chair or stool keep your legs crossed over each other (initial position). Maintain a tight core and twist your upper body to the left, as much as possible and hold for 10 seconds. Return to the initial position and try same on the right side as well. Repeat the twists 3-5 times on either side, twice a day.

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