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5 Biceps Boosting Workouts

Being one of the highly-publically noticed muscles group, growth of the bicep muscles are amongst our prime interests while beginning a muscle-building program. Before you begin on your mission to grow mountain biceps, you must understand that growing muscles is all about growing a heavy surplus, growing enough in volume and requires consuming a plenty of calories as well. It’s like, the more calories you eat, more you need to work out to burn them and more you exercise more calories you need to support your workout. So, you can’ ignore the importance of lifting heavier weights in your bicep building mission.

5 Biceps Boosting Workouts

List of Top 5 Bicep Workouts for You

1- Dumbbell Biceps Curl

The icon of all bicep work outs, dumbbell biceps curls are amongst the oldest and most favorites in all of the bicep-building workouts. Since, dumbbells allow a freedom of wrist movements, the dumbbell biceps curls are easy to perform and even easier to learn. All you need to do is to pick up two equi-weight dumbbells (one in each hand) and start pulling them up (till your chest height) and then lowering down (With arm completely straight) in tandem.

2- The Bar-Curl

Take a long bar and load it with equal weights at both the ends, stand straight and hold the bar with both your hands (at equal distances from both the ends of rod). Now hold the weight carrying bar with straight arms and try to pull the rod up simply by bending your elbows upwards. This is an all-around elbow workout as apart from your biceps, it focuses on your elbow flexors as well.

3- Incline Dumbbell Curl

As this exercise restricts the movement of your back, it puts the cart right in front of your arms. The whole weight gets distributed over the length of your arms and as you pull it up, it is your bicep muscles that receive most the attention from weights. You will feel the maximum tension building in your biceps’ muscles, and ultimately your biceps’ are the ones that are most benefitted.

4- Overhead Cable Curl

Overhead cable curl exercise is an isolated movement that ensures tension in your arms, throughout the session and is just like a focused bicep workout. This movement is just like practicing the front double biceps pose, with weights pulled up and tied to your palms. With this exercise, it is the brachial muscles of your biceps that are most worked upon. Also this exercise can be performed with many other variations too.

5- Sitting-Concentration Curls

It is always suggested to wrap up your Bicep Workout with some concentration curls, as they place all the emphasis right on your bicep muscles. The concentration curls prove to be even more intense when done while sitting. When done properly, the concentration curls call for no other helping muscle and the complete weight is concentrated on your bicep muscles only. Hence, it is always best to go for some sitting concentration curls, when you are done with all other exercises and all your muscles are feeling really exhausted.

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