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30-Minutes a day, Put the FAT Away

Often we hear people telling how badly they want to cut down on their body fat but just don’t have the time to work out for it. In the super busy lifestyle of today, people just don’t have time for them and end up compromising their health for high incomes. In fact, a famous visionary also once said, “I am surprised to see people’s lifestyles now-a-days, first they lose their health for money and then they lose their money for health”.Of course, there is nothing like working in the gym or running on the track and burning your ass out but even a simple 30-minute of workout everyday can get you the fitness you ever wished for.

30-Minutes a day, Put the FAT Away

30 Minute Fat Burning Workout Routine

Here is a simple 30-minute daily workout routine that burns out the fat from different parts of your body and puts yourself in a commendable shape.

The Old Classical Jumping Jacks

Perhaps the first workout you learned, early in your school days and perhaps the most forgotten one too. People talk of going to gym, picking up heavy loads, pulling up the rods and all those things. But here is the good news, “Actually it’s not that hard to lose weight”. Just start you 30-minutes of workout session with some jumping jacks for around 5-minutes, this eats up to 40 calories from your body (depending upon the intensity). The Jumping Jacks is the best way to loosen up your muscles and make them workout ready.

Sit-Ups or Squats

Once you are done with your Jumping Jacks and all the muscles are now feeling warm and relax with blood pumping in your body. Now it’s your time to do a bit of favors to your body and start your sit-ups. This simple exercise needs you to maintain a straight backbone while you go up and down. Doing non-stop sit ups for five continuous minutes can burn up to 30 calories from your body. Squats focus on your thigh muscles and regulate the unnecessary fat from thigh and butt area.


Squats build up some tension in your thigh muscles so it is important follow your sit-ups with a bit of stretching. You can just widen up your legs while standing straight and then periodically move to the left and right, stretching your right and left thigh muscles respectively. Do this in reps of 12 each, and 2 reps to begin with (you can increase the number of reps as you become a PRO), it will hardly take you 5-minutes to do this and you after this you get lighter by around 30 calories with each session.

Bridge and Lift

Just lie down on your back and pull your legs apart. Flex the left leg on to a solid block and lift your back upwards with your hands lying absolutely straight on the floor. Now tighten your abs and bring the right knee upwards, close to your chest and return it back to floor, this now is one rep. Do this in turn for both left and right legs for a minimum of 24 reps for leg each. This will hardly cost you 4-5 minutes and will make you lose around 50 calories every day. The bridge and lift exercise might take a bit of toll on you but after some time you will realize that it’s all worth.


Now it’s time to turn the focus to upper pats of body and what better than Push-ups to start with. With your palms and toes firmly planted on the ground, and a straight backbone, you need to push your body upwards and then let it down till your chin touches the ground. Do this for 12 times to complete one rep.  Doing 5-7 reps will hardly require your 5 minutes of time and burns 50-60 calories from your body. Pushups regulate the fat in upper parts of body and tighten up your upper body muscles, especially the shoulder area and make you look rigid at the upper base of your body

Rotating T Extension

Start with a pushup position and shift your weight onto your left arm while keeping your arms straight and your core engaged. Now rotate your torso towards the right, and raise your right arm toward the roof so that your body forms a T-shape. Hold for three seconds, then return to start and repeat on the other side. That’s one rep. You can do as many reps as you are comfortable with. This exercise burns up to 70 calories in five minutes of time and sums up your workout session for the day.

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