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Home Treadmill Safety for Families

Today’s era is full of complexity…

Whether in terms of health, employment, running institutes, providing services in different sectors and what not. People are rushing from morning to evening, busy lifestyles, intake of fast foods, unable to show concern towards their fitness, though conscious! And the result is rising rates of obesity which creates health issues like diabetes, cholesterol problems, cardiac disease, hypertension etc.

In this busy life when we are not having the spare time to avail the fullest use of various fitness centers, treadmill at home is the appropriate solution especially in this pandemic situation.

Treadmill is the device that is generally used for walking, running or climbing while being at the same place. It can be used anytime in any type of environment. Although running machine is the appropriate fitness equipment to be installed at a home, there are various safety applications that should be followed by a family

Home Treadmill Safety for Families

  1. First and foremost is the quality of the product which of course couldn’t be ignored. Individual should always choose a high quality product. A high quality is not always the one with higher cost but are also available in various ranges. A treadmill should always be tried upon before purchasing. Functioning of a machine should be smooth and not rough. Quality of a treadmill can be examined by various considerations.

    Belt Size : It is important that its belt size should be at least 48 inches long and 18 inches wide. For taller people the belt size should ideally be 54 inches for comfortable running or walking.

    Cushioning : Purchase a machine that goes 10mph or higher. The running bed should be able to absorb shock and the belt shouldn’t shift with each foot strike. The quality of workouts directly depends on the horsepower of the drive motor. Make sure you are aware of the horsepower and motor specifications before you buy one.

    Stability : Treadmill should be safe and stable and it should not rattle or shake while using it.

    Weight : A treadmill should be sturdy enough to accommodate your weight.

    Other features : Check the control panel is within reach and easy to exercise etc.

  2. The next measure is to wear clothing that is more comfortable and ensure safety when it comes to home use. Wear rubber soled shoes that fit properly and clothes should feel comfortable. Especially during treadmill at home we should wear proper type of clothing which is not too loose to hang off the body and also doesn’t caught in treadmill belt. Women with especially long hair have to tie it back to maintain optimal sight during their exercise.
  3. The treadmill should be provided with an owner’s manual which should be read by them to prevent serious damage to machine as well as the person.
    Owners manual should be read carefully and completely for its optimum utilization.
  4. Do not allow children near a running treadmill as it can cause a serious injury to them. It is very easy for little children to get fall or can get hurt from the appliances or also can get burn injuries. Set a security code if possible to prevent them from starting the machine.
    Face the treadmill towards the entrance of a room so that the owner can see if any child enter or leave the room.
  5. Always exercise within your limits by monitoring heart rates and avoid increasing heart rate. Increased heart rate can cause serious heart attacks and even can get injury like strain or pull of a muscle.
  6. Always remember never to step off a treadmill while its moving. A moving treadmill is a danger to anyone in the area and should be shut off completely before you step off the machine. Everyone should know about the emergency shut off button located on the machine to prevent injuries.
  7. We should leave a plenty of space for a treadmill installation at home. Treadmill requires a proper amount of space, there should be nothing placed behind the treadmill that an exerciser could hit their head on if they fell of the machine.
  8. The exercise intensity on a treadmill should be gradual and slow. This is especially true for individuals who have chronic health conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, or other forms of cardiovascular disease. Typically, individuals who have never exercised before – or who suffer from one of the health conditions described previously – are encouraged to undergo a complete physical by a qualified medical professional to ensure they are healthy enough for exercise. Individuals who do get the go-ahead for treadmills for home use should focus on starting with 20 to 30 minutes two to three times per week, and gradually increasing the time and intensity of the exercise sessions as their physical endurance improves.

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