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Avanti Fitness Treadmills

Avanti Fitness Treadmills are designed to provide a safe and comfortable running surface for gym and health enthusiasts. The company is known to provide best in class treadmills that suit competitive sports teams, gyms, schools and high-usage fitness facilities because of their patented design that comes with a superior running surface for users and long lasting-efficiency for owners.

Benefits of Avanti Fitness Treadmills

  • Save huge on electrical costs
  • Running surface is long-lasting
  • Little or no Belt and Deck Maintenance
  • Less Downtime
  • Assures a durable and effective cardio solution

Best Avanti Fitness Treadmills

Avanti X-Fit1

  • New Motion Control System allows you to adjust speed without touching the screen
  • Powerful 3 HP Motor
  • Advanced Dot Matrix Display Screen
  • Wireless Chest Belt
  • Up to 16 Km per hour
  • Easy-Up Manual Fold System
  • Large textured low noise belt – 50cm x 130cm
  • Patented frame cushioning system softens every step
  • Power Incline 0-17%
  • Convenient hand pulse grips to monitor heart rate
  • Patented safety key system
  • Shock assisted folding system
  • Speaker System
  • Steel Frame and Aluminium side rails
  • Push-button and Motion Control speed adjustment
  • Programs include – Time, Distance, Calories, 2 Speed, 2 Elevation controlled, 1 Interval, 3 User Programs and 1 Heart Rate controlled
  • Gross weight 128Kg

Avanti X-Fit2

  • Motion Control System, i.e. the user can adjust the speed
  • Powerful 3 HP Motor
  • Large textured low noise belt
  • Patented suspended deck cushions
  • Power Incline
  • Convenient hand pulse grip to monitor heart rate
  • Patented safety key system
  • Shock assisted folding system
  • Push-button and Motion Control speed adjustment
  • 7 Speed and Incline programs.
  • Three customizable programs
  • Gross weight – 107 Kg

Avanti Momentum Series T3

This particular treadmill has made fitness and cardiovascular health pretty easy. Its user-friendly design and feature-packed console allow easy and fun workout. A quiet 3HP AC motor pushes through a myriad of program intervals and performance levels designed for an efficient workout.

  • 3.0 HP AC Commercial Drive Motor
  • 0.8-16 km / hour
  • 15-degree incline
  • 36 preset, 5km, HRC, 3 custom programs
  • Large 500mm x 1540mm belt
  • LED Display
  • 2.5mm thick, soft multi-ply anti-static belt

Avanti 928S

  • Motion control system
  • 3 HP powerful motor
  • Large running belt
  • Power Incline
  • Hand pulse grips for monitoring heart-rate
  • Speaker System
  • Safety Key System
  • Various speeds and programs
  • Gross Weight 130kg

Avanti 069

  • Avanti 069 is simple to use and is an excellent treadmill for home use.
  • It is very reliable.
  • Programs are excellent and easy to understand.
  • Gives intense workout
  • The incline is motorized.
  • Clear LCD.
  • Two water bottle holders and plenty of space for phones,iPods etc.

Avanti AT480

Avanti Fitness AT480 Light Commercial Treadmill comes with a cushioned deck and adjustable impact system with Impact Down technology that minimizes the stress to knees and lower back. Pure steel frame and has a weight capacity – 275 lbs.

  1. Optional wireless heart-rate receiver
  2. 19.68W x 55.9L inches tread belt
  3. Flat fold-away that allows compact storage
  4. 5 pre-set programs and 2 user programs
  5. 4-window display with track
  6. Console features contact heart rate

Avanti Fitness Treadmills

Avanti Fitness AT580 Light Commercial Treadmill

The AT580 has oversized heavy duty deck rails and rear roller which add greater stability and weight to the Treadmill, and coupled with its high torque 3HP motor and easily adjustable Impact Down suspension system,...

Avanti Fitness AT680 Light Commercial Treadmill

AT680 is the pioneer of At series of Avanti with Aluminium side rails and a motorised folding console with MP3 music controls, the AT680 is a balanced blend of high performance, modern aesthetics and technology....

Avanti Fitness AT480 Light Commercial Treadmill

Avanti Fitness AT480 Light Commercial Treadmill has Cushioned deck and adjustable impact system with Impact Down technology that reduces stress to knees and lower back. Its frame is made of pure steel and has a...

Avanti Fitness AT380 Residential Treadmill

The Avanti AT380 Treadmill introduces the latest in cushioned deck performance through its unique adjustable impact system. The Impact Down technology provides reduced stress to the knees and lower back.Its Belt,18 in. W x 51...

Avanti GFIT300 Treadmill

Avanti GFIT300 Treadmill provides its users with 8 preset programs already in the product. Resistance can be increased with console option, which will help you to perform various workouts and get desired results. This folding...

Avanti T9.5 Treadmill

The TRT9.5 is a folding type treadmill and has everything from comfort, shock absorption and stability. It is driven by a 3 HP motor having max speed limit of 18 kmph. With its ergonomically designed...

Avanti XFIT 209 Treadmill

The X-FIT 209 is another folding type treadmill of Avanti fitness and has an LED Display with Single Dot Matrix Speed Profile and Speed/Incline Express Buttons. The Avanti X-FIT 209 treadmill features a 2.75hp motor...

Avanti XFIT 209L Treadmill

The XFIT 209L is a folding type treadmill of Avanti Fitness and has aluminum side rails for additional rigidity, along with the Swing Arm Suspension technology for added running comfort. It operates with the help...

Avanti Fitness AT685 Treadmill

Avanti AT685 is one of the affordable treadmill of Avanti Fitness that have some new and advanced features than the AT680. This high performance treadmill has a 10" touch screen display wth USB capabilities. It...

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Peter Grafen:

Hello. We are having trouble with our treadmill and would like it servised.The model is Avanti RT9,5 ST-PC-T22003D-AVAU-01
Regards peter Grafen

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